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Two Steps Back

My sister’s campaign on Kickstarter has less than a month to go now, and more than 1,000 dollars have been pledged so far! That means that if some more people pledge a combined total of 500 more dollars, the project will be fully-funded. I would really love to see my sister reach her goal of $1,500. If you like visual novels or narrative-based games, I recommend that you check out Two Steps Back. I’ve already played it, but I played a very rough version of it. Can’t wait to see it completed. If you reblog this, tweet this, share this on Facebook, or even pledge money, I can’t thank you enough. =)

Two Steps Back

My sister’s Kickstarter! There is still more than a month to fund the game, but she has a ways to go. If you like visual novels, somewhat scary content, and narrative-centric gaming, you might want to check out Two Steps Back! I’ve played it, and it was really interesting. But I played a very rough version. My sister is hoping to get funding so she can polish this work (particularly the visuals will be improved). The game is already completed, so there is pretty much no risk that the project will “fail.” We would really appreciate your support. <3

Two Steps Back

I am really guilty of not posting on Tumblr in ages. But I have a super important reason to post right now. My sister made a game, and she wants to see if people are interested in her project. To test the waters, she started a campaign for funding on Kickstarter. To find out more about her project, click the link!

Even $5 would be amazing. Or if you can’t give money, which is totally understandable, maybe you could reblog this instead? In either case, I’d love the help. =) I want my sister’s Kickstarter to be a success.

Animal Crossing Problems




I absolutely hate watering flowers. I’m thinking about letting my flowers die, except for ones I took time to landscape with. Crazy, I know.

In WW, I just get rid of the wilted flowers and use AR to get new ones. XD

Well most of the hybrids were ones we saved before I went back to school and couldn’t water them, but some of them I hacked anyway. So, if I want them back again, all I have to do is hack them back in. No biggie…

I’m too proud. I HATE watering (so boring and time-consuming), but I will never let my flowers die. Never.



Right. Let me fucking say one thing to you anon.

Mess with this girl again, and I will fucking kill you.

I mean every word.

No one deserves to be treated this way.

You fucking disgusting creature.

Reblog this so pink-elastic can see that she is loved.


Jade babe you know I love you forever and ever okay

This is exactly why I turn “anon” off. Not all anons are bad; I get that. But let’s be perfectly honest. 10 good anons cannot stand up to 1 really bad anon. It just takes one bad apple, and your day is ruined. I agree; no one deserves to be treated that way. We can’t force anons to be nice… so for me, the best way was to turn them off entirely.

Funny Namco-Bandai Inspired Jokes During Livestream

Some of the more memorable jokes I noticed while watching Namco-Bandai’s “livestream” during E3 today:

[When a trailer for TANK TANK TANK plays] “That’s not Tales of Xillia.”

[When a trailer for Ni no Kuni plays] “Is that Tales of Xillia?”

"It’s Tales of Inversion!"

"Sound and Audio are DLC, gaiz."


"His favorite band is Red Hot Chili Peppers so they hire Snoop Dog."

"Forget Tales of Xillia 2; I want Tales of Xillia 3."

"Tales of Phantasia has eight remakes."

"This game is going to TANK TANK TANK!"





"Is this Bible Black?"

"Tales of Gravity!"

"This audio is so amazing that I’ve gone deaf!"

"The black man dies first for some reason."

"Dat face!"

"Dat trailer!"

"This trailer is so interesting; I’ve never seen it before."

"This game is directed by Michael Bay."

"This game looks like Windwaker."

My sister and I were laughing so hard while reading the chat that we were crying and our stomachs hurt. It was amaaazzinnng.

Do you have any more to add?

Today During Namco-Bandai’s E3 Presentation

Okay so, I checked the schedule this morning for E3 after I was done watching Nintendo’s first presentation, and figured out that Namco-Bandai’s first presentation for E3 was scheduled for 12:30 P.M. I was like, “Well hey, Namco-Bandai is the company that gives us .hack and Tales of. So why not? They must have great shit to talk about.” So I found the site that was streaming the presentation live and I waited (I found the schedule around 10 A.M.). When it started getting close to the event, I paid more attention to the comments people were leaving in the chat box. I started reading some of them out loud to my sister, who was nearby.

A lot of them were people clammering for news about Tales of Xillia coming to the United States. I don’t necessarily blame them; after all, I am a Tales of connoisseur. But one of them was ridiculous, and popping up a lot: “Tales of Xillia or we riot!” I was like, seriously guys? Really mature.

Finally, at 11:30 A.M. (remember, I’m in Alaska. So 12:30 P.M. for California is 11:30 A.M. for me), the live stream starts. Rich Bantegui and Adrianna Curry (did I spell their names right?) begin talking. Already, something was off to me. They couldn’t say one word without stuttering, and Adrianna was like… trying too hard to sound sexy. It put me off. It doesn’t get better, though. They said literally like three sentences. And then THEY SAID THEY WERE TAKING A BREAK. The stream had only started like TWO MINUTES AGO and they NEEDED A BREAK. Wat.

Thus began… about three hours of issues. After they took a break, the live stream became nothing but a place to loop the SAME FOUR TRAILERS ENDLESSLY. I am serious. I saw the same trailer for that new One Piece game like ten times. And the trailers would always loop in a very specific order. So we started catching on to which trailer would play next. Then while this happened, the sound AND audio for the live stream started cutting out. Since the next like three hours went by like this, at least I had the good old chat to keep my spirits up. The JOKES people were coming up with. I will post a collection of the jokes later!

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